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Preferred Pronoun:  She
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Name: Takato Matsuda
Canon: Digimon Tamers

Pull-point: The end of the second Tamers movie, Runaway Express, just after Takato leaves Ruki's birthday party.

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Gender/Sex:  Male


Takato has light brown hair and reddish brown eyes. He usually wears a blue hooded sweatshirt and tan pants. He often wears a pair of gold and blue goggles on his forehead.

There was once a boy who loved digimon more than anything. He watched the Digimon television series and played the digimon card games, but he always thought it was just a story. And then one day, one of his digimon drawings came to life as Guilmon.
Takato and Guilmon quickly became best friends and partners. In between teaching his new partner about the human world, Takato met other children who had become partnered with digimon. He and Guilmon took on the job of fighting the Wild Ones, unpartnered digimon who were attacking the human world. They grew stronger and stronger as more powerful digimon began to invade the real world.
And then one of their digimon friends was kidnapped and taken to the digital world. Along with the other Tamers, Takato and Guilmon traveled to the digital world to rescue their friend. There they learned that Culumon was the source of all evolution in the digital world, and that the digital world was under attack by an obsolete security program. The D-Reaper had been programmed to delete anything that exceeded its programmed boundaries,  but it itself had evolved. And  it had decided that its new task was to delete everything.
But before anything could be done, they were attacked by Beelzemon, an old acquaintance who had agreed to destroy them all for power. He quickly defeated all the Tamers... and then he killed Leomon, one of the other Tamer's partners. 
Takato and Guilmon lost themselves in their anger at Leomon's death. In his rage Takato ordered Guilmon to evolve to the Ultimate level for the first time. It went terribly wrong.  Guilmon evolved into Megidramon, a corrupted demon dragon that began to destroy the entire digital world just by existing.
Horrified at his own actions, Takato found the connection to Guilmon within himself, and returned his partner to his original self. And together, Takato and Guilmon evolved and became the holy knight Dukemon.
Together, they defeated Beelzemon. The Tamers retrieved Culumon and a repentent Beelzemon and returned to the human world. Only to discover that the D-Reaper had followed them home. It had kidnapped and replaced one of the Tamers with a puppet, and now it was attacking the human world with the aim of deleting everything.
With a lot of effort, Takato and Guilmon and the rest of the Tamers rescued their friend and defeated the D-Reaper. But it came at a cost. For a time, all the digimon were forced to return to the digital world.

Takato is cheerful and a little goofy. He loves to draw, and often get carried away by his own overactive imagination. He ruins dramatic moments by offering to draw pictures of the situation. He flails when surprised, comes up with crazy hair-brained ideas that occasionally work, fails at explanations, and is single-handedly responsible for creating an obsessive demand for home-made bread in the local digimon population.
Takato is usually very optimistic and easygoing, so much so that it is extremely difficult to truly make him angry. But on the rare occasion that something does infuriate him he will give himself over completely to his rage to a frightening degree. And it is a terrifying kind of rage. He doesn't stop to second guess himself or worry about other people getting hurt. He just goes straight for his target. 
He feels emotions deeply and is very sensitive towards the feelings of the people around him. Takato has a high degree of empathy, and truly wants to understand why the people around him feel the way the way they do. If they're sad, he'll do anything to cheer them up.
He does not like fighting for its own sake. However he has an inner core of stubbornness and a strong sense of justice. If he sees a friend in trouble or an injustice happening he will throw himself into danger instantly.  He can be the bravest kid in the world when he doesn't realize what he is doing. At the same time he is prone to worrying. If he has time to think about or plan out his actions he can easily tie himself in knots fretting about all the ways their plans could go wrong.
All of Takato's special abilities are related to his connection with Guilmon.  
  • Cards
    • Takato can use the cards from the Digimon card game to temporarily give Guilmon extra abilities and items. For example, if he used a speed boost card, Guilmon would get a temporary boost in speed. If he used a wings card, Guilmon would gain wings for a short time.
  • Evolution
    •  Takato has the abilty to help Guilmon evolve to different levels by sharing his energy.
      • Adult
        • Growmon
        • Guilmon will not be able to evolve to the adult level in Arda Marred. It requires the presence of something that is not available in Arda Marred.
      • Perfect
        • MegaloGrowmon
        • Requires a trigger that does not exist in Arda Marred.
      • Ultimate
        • Dukemon
        • Takato evolves together with Guilmon to reach this level.
        • As Dukemon, Takato and Guilmon act together as one person. 
      • Mode Change
        • When the situation is bad enough, Takato and Guilmon can change from Dukemon to Dukemon Crimson Mode.
    • Takato has an unexplained connection to Guilmon. They have spoken to each other inside their minds and/or dreams on several occasions. Takato can send his energy to Guilmon to give him extra power. and in return has felt the pain that Guilmon feels from injuries. 

  • D-Arc
  • Set of 20 Digimon Cards
  • Notepad and Pencil
  • Goggles
  • Santa sack sized grocery store bag stuffed with bags of sliced white bread (that will miraculously not go stale), and various peanut butter brands and types.

Anything else: Whatever else seems important and didn't find a place elsewhere.

Animal companion info
Username: N/A

Guilmon is cheerful and strangely wise, but also naive and gullible. He lives very much in the moment, and doesn't spend much time worrying about the future or thinking about the past. He adores bread and peanut butter. Guilmon also likes playing with Takato and the other children. As long as he is with Takato and has all the bread he can eat, he is happy.

But for all his friendliness and goofiness, Guilmon is still a  digimon. He was created with the programming to fight, and Guilmon likes to fight and get stronger. At times he can be downright feral.

  • Good at digging
  • Excellent sense of smell
  • Evolution
    • With Takato's help, Guilmon can evolve into different forms. Each form has different abilities
    • Child
      • Guilmon's child form is his default.
      • He is about Takato's height.
      • He primarily attacks by blowing a fireball out of his mouth.
    • Adult
      • Growmon
      • Appears to be a large dinosaur
      • Will not be accessible in Arda Marred.
    • Perfect
      • MegaloGrowmon
      • An enormous cyborg dinosaur. With rocket boosters.
      • Will not be accessible in Arda Marred. 
    • Ultimate
      • Dukemon
      • A holy knight created from a merge between Takato and Guilmon.
      • Attacks with a lance and with an energy blast from his shield.
    • Corrupted Ultimate
      • Megidramon
      • A corrupted demonic dragon
      • Destroys everything around him just by existing
      • Probably will not appear in Arda Marred without a lot of planning before hand.
      • Can only be created when Takato and Guilmon completely lose control over themselves.
    • Mode Change
      • Dukemon Crimson Mode
      • Dukemon's highest form, created when Takato calls for more power.
      • Can only appear for a short time
      • Has wings and fights with a spear and sword made out of holy energy.

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